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Headache Specialist Treatment
Dr. Patricia Sitnitsky, M.D.

Headaches can be absolutely debilitating.  And recurring, severe headaches can fundamentally affect your quality of life.  Fortunately, there are scientifically proven medical treatments that can help, including treatments that only became available within the last few years.


There are many different types of headaches, so a visit to our headache specialty clinic starts with a thorough in-person evaluation where we will review your symptoms, lab results, and other data to understand the specific type of headache you are suffering from.  Diagnosing your headache correctly is essential to finding the right type of treatment.


Depending on the type of headaches you are suffering from – migraines with aura, vestibular migraines, cluster headaches, paroxysmal hemicranias, tension headaches, acephalgic headaches, or something else – we will work with you to develop an effective treatment plan and establish therapeutic strategies to minimize the risk of developing symptoms in the future.


You do not have to continue suffering from headaches!  Dr. Sitnitsky has over 20 years of expertise in this field, with a proven track record of helping countless patients lead a better quality of life.  Operating at the cutting edge of medical science, we succeed where other providers have failed.

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