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Procedure Clinic

  • Procedures:

    • Nasal capillary cauterization nasal epistaxis

    • Keloid cortisone injection

    • Urinalysis

    • EKG (please let me know if need prior auth from PMG and SCIPPA)  EKG rhythm strip

    • Strep rapid test, COVID 19 test

    • Pregnancy urine test

    • Trigger point injection / steroid joint infection 

    • Botox migraine injection 

    • Would care

    • Tags removal 

    • Therapeutic exercises demo for msk issues 

    • Glucose finger stick 

    • Smoking cessation 


  • Our goal is to ensure your safety while maximizing the number of procedures we can safely perform during your visit, streamlining your healthcare experience.

  • Procedures(cont):

    • Pap smear- routine GYN exam

    • Pap smear - follow up abnormal pap

    • Incision and Drainage small abscess, moderate abscess, large abscess

    • Suture removal 

    • Sutures

    • Skin biopsy: small lesion, medium lesion, large lesion

    • Destructions of small skin lesions (I believe it is base on numbers <14, 14 +) etc

    •  Cyst removal

    • Nail removal ingrown fingers and toes

    • Splinting arm, leg, elbow hand

    • Buddy taping toes

    • Medical supply codes for Lisa – (we used to bill for supplies at PAMF including I and D kits, suture kits, pap kits). Let’s look into it.

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