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Condition Management

Avita MD Health specializes in chronic and acute condition management and is prepared to help patients navigate their clinical journey. 

Chronic and Acute Conditions

Patients with chronic conditions typically require multiple visits each year. These patients often have regimented treatment plans that require frequent adjustments and consistent monitoring by a provider familiar with their condition. For patients with chronic conditions, telehealth follow-ups often involve treatment adjustments, the monitoring of side effects and lab results reviews.

Acute conditions often involve a sudden onset of an injury or illness. Most acute conditions are resolved through treatments and therapies, but the extent of a patient's treatment will depend on the severity of their disease. Many acute conditions can be properly diagnosed and treated through a telehealth visit but may require an in-person visit.

Common Conditions Managed Through Our Telehealth Services

For information on how your appointment will be managed and advice on how to prepare for a telehealth consultation, please refer to our Primary Care page.

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