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Step into Avita MD's Weight Loss Program, led by the expertise of Dr. Patricia Sitnitsky MD, a Stanford-trained professional in obesity medicine. We kickstart your journey by evaluating obesity genomics for a customized approach. Our commitment goes beyond – we advocate for specialized testing, utilizing calorimetry testing and prescribed scans to meticulously manage and record your progress throughout the program. Additionally, count on us to navigate insurance approval for any required specialized weight loss medications. Your comprehensive and tailored weight loss experience begins here at Avita MD.


Holistic Weight Loss: Comprehensive Program Approach

  • Case-by-Case Approach: Our dedicated team tailors a personalized weight loss plan based on your unique needs and goals.

  • Referrals to Nutritionist: Access expert guidance with referrals to experienced nutritionists for comprehensive dietary support.

  • Weight Loss Medication Management: Receive expert oversight in managing specialized weight loss medications, optimizing effectiveness.

  • Calorimetry Scans: Track your progress with precision through calorimetry testing, ensuring accurate assessment and adjustments.

  • Exercise Plan: Benefit from a personalized exercise regimen designed to complement your weight loss journey.

  • Vitamin Therapeutic Injections: Enhance your overall well-being with therapeutic injections tailored to support your weight loss goals.


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